Therapha™ is a conversational chatbot that uses patient-reported symptoms and history to provide comprehensive musculoskeletal triaging, decision support, and document automation at the point of care. Our approach combines evidence-based research, expert knowledge, and advanced technology to augment clinicians in making informed decisions at the point of care.

How does Therapha™ work

Therapha™ streamlines the process of gathering information by replacing traditional paperwork with a friendly and conversational chatbot. One of our digital avatars will chat with you, getting to know your medical history from the comfort of your own home. This process is automated and transformed into a clinical summary, providing insights specific to your healthcare needs. With Therapha™, you can easily and comfortably share your concerns and work collaboratively with your clinician to receive care that's tailored just for you.

Why Therapha™

For Clinicians

For Patients

Your Trusted Co-pilot

Therapha™ serves as your Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), leveraging the power of Information Technology to provide invaluable insights. Our digital avatar collects condition-specific input from patients prior to their initial visit, akin to traditional history taking. This comprehensive information empowers clinicians to make informed and accurate diagnoses, resulting in enhanced treatment plans and expedited recoveries. With automated clinical summaries and streamlined documentation, Therapha boosts efficiency, fosters seamless collaboration between you and your patients, and enables you to focus on delivering optimal care.

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Therapha™ is truly Practicing the Future

Convenient | Efficient | Intuitive

Therapha™ and its solutions is a dream come true not only for healthcare providers but for patients as well,
ultimately ‘Practicing The Future.’

Patient Digital Front Door

In a consumer-led healthcare delivery irrespective of digital, brick-and-mortar or hybrid models, Therapha is a critical enabler in preparing people for a technology driven healthcare ecosystem.

Integrates Directly into Clinical Workflow

Personalizes care through predictive analytics at the point of care aiding in rapid decision-making, adding value to healthcare.

Establishes a Strategic Constituent of Telehealth Services

Therapha™ incorporates technology sensitively, sensibly and securely at the convenience of home - ideal for telehealth services.

Emphasizes Patient-Centricity

Therapha™ represents first hand information of the sufferer, rather than a possible biased input from an interpreter (clinician).

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